Study suggests managers are working too hard

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Data published by the Chartered Management Institute suggests that managers in the social care sector are putting in too many hours, for too few returns. The figures, which come from a report titled ‘Quality of Working Life’ , have been issued in support of the TUC’s ‘Work Your Proper Hours’ campaign.

The report indicates that efforts to reduce working hours in recent years have failed to have a positive impact in the social care sector. Some of the key findings of the study include: ‰ 87 per cent of managers in the social care sector regularly work over their contracted hours – a figure that has barely fallen since 2000 (91 per cent);

  • The average manager works 1 hour 18 minutes over contract each day – equivalent to about 40 days a year;
  • only 1 in 5 work excess hours by choice. Most in the sector (56 per cent) do so to meet deadlines or because of the volume of work they face;
  • 38 per cent in the social care sector believe that the UK&rsq

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