Telecare matters for dementia

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“There’s no point in giving dementia sufferers telecare, we’ve got no-one to respond to them. It’s easier to lock them in. It’s worth taking the fire risk …” The above is a genuine and worrying comment, made in January 2006 by a person within an English social services department. While the person and department shall remain anonymous, it’s worth examining the thinking behind the comment. It’s worrying for a number of reasons, quite apart from the disregard for the dignity of a person with dementia. First, it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of what telecare is and how it can be deployed to help people with dementia remain as independent as possible. Second, it shows complete ignorance of the Government’s commitment to building telecare programmes in England, through the £80 million Preventive Technology Grant which is available to local authorities right now. Telecare has been helping to manage the risks of dementia at all levels and provides vital support to the individuals, families and

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