The heatwave that led to a brainwave

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|A new determination to solve problems has arisen in France after the heatwave crisis of the summer. Simon Alcock reports| Readers will be aware of the heatwave that hit Europe this summer. While most of us enjoyed the weather in the UK it was not quite the same in France. Across the channel the heat wave proved deadly, killing more than 10,000 mainly elderly people. As Yves Thréard commented in Le Figaro, the very idea that so many old people could die from heat in the 21st century is unbearable. There is no doubt that blaming the chaos in hospitals on the 35-hour working week, or trying to shift public attention on to the state of solitary abandonment in which many elderly people live is an unacceptable way for the French government to try to shirk its responsibility. Having said that, there are signs that the French Prime Minister, Jean-Pierre Raffarin, is beginning to act with more dignity and humility than he first did at the beginning the crisis. Interestingly, the French Government has suggested cance

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