Tories turn their minds to long term care with insurance back-up deal

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Opposition leader Michael Howard has proposed a scheme to avoid the need for older people to use up their life savings and property to pay for residential care. His plan is for a three-year partnership scheme between government, the insurance industry and families. People who take out an insurance plan that meets the cost of three years¹ long-term care would be guaranteed free long-term care by government beyond those three years, regardless of their assets. Free means-tested long-term care would still be available to those whose assets were too low to meet any long-term care costs privately. Speaking at the Conservative Party¹s Older People¹s Summit, Mr Howard said 40,000 people a year suffer the indignity of having to sell everything to pay for long-term care. He said Labour had not come up with any proposal to address this huge area of concern. “Without proper planning, someone¹s entire life savings and property are used to pay for care ­ 40,000 people suffer this indignity every year,” Mr Howard said

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