Feedback from the UKDC 2015

Rachel Thompson @raheli01
Absolutely love the creative arts in dementia space – some lovely ideas & resources #UKDC2015

Sian Jones @SianJonesUCLP
#UKDC2015 interesting presentations sharing initiatives around avoiding hospital admissions, promoting care in the community & partnerships.

Caroline Baker @carolineBaker11
Inspiring to be alongside so many people who are so passionate about getting it right for people living with dementia at #UKDC2015

Prettywigs Pattikin @PrettywigsP
“Most services are just social, they don’t help you back at home where you spend most of your time”. Powerful comments from carer #UKDC2015

Diverse Alzheimers @DiverseAlz
So glad to hear @tide_carers actively seeking to recruit BAME carers and not ‘hard’ or ‘difficult’ mentioned #positives #UKDC2015

Damianmurphy @elhijodevera
#UKDC2015 ‘prisons – not a good place to grow old’. Fascinating topic and some very specific issues and unnoticed difficulties.

Philly Hare @philly_hare
I love the brilliant #dementia diaries project, @pauljournalism and Lawrence now presenting #UKDC2015 @OnOurRadar

Lucy Jane Marsters @lucyjmarsters
Thank you @JDementiaCare for an exceptionally good #UKDC2015, real progress evident & sessions fully led by people living with #dementia, Thanks!

Gary Mitchell @GaryMitchellRN
Inspiring delivery @sallyknocker from @DCMatters at @JDementiaCare Conf #UKDC2015. “More Being With, Less Doing For”.

Community Integrated @ComIntCare
Such innovation on show at #UKDC2015. We’re leaving this conference with lots of new ideas and people we’ll be partnering with.

Nicky Taylor @_nickytaylor
Incredibly moving session on Namaste Care and Sensor e-textiles for people in later stages of dementia. Connection & playfulness #UKDC2015

George Rook @george_rook
#UKDC2015 Thanks to the organisers for a wonderfully inspiring and interesting three days.

Alive Activities @aliveactivities
Brian and Ray at #UKDC2015 on being diagnosed #dementia at 50. Peer support groups changed their lives, now they mentor others #inspired.

Danuta Lipinska – via email
It was the BEST Congress ever.

Lucy Marsters – via email
I came away feeling very positive, even though many challenges remain.  The involvement [of] people living with dementia did feel as though it had really shifted to more than involvement, with real leadership from them.

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