Whistling in the dark

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Politicians of all colours have made eyebrow-raising pronouncements on the condition of the long term care sector. Bob Ferguson wonders where, ministers in particular, they get their information from. The Victorians were a rum lot. Among their more bizarre enthusiasms was the conviction that a person’s character would be revealed in his facial characteristics. I subscribe to an interesting variation on that theme: that behaviour is a key indicator of education. Take community care minister John Hutton, for example – just to pick someone at random, you understand. I’d guess that he had a classical education. In fact, I’d go further; he probably majored in Roman mythology. No great insight required, I must confess. Just look at his recent behaviour. No sooner had he completed his demonisation of local authorities for placing “unacceptable'” numbers of clients in shared accommodation, than he was doing an about turn on the implementation date for the double room ratio. Set that inconsistency against the backgro

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