With tailored access rights for all users, SMARTair™ brings added flexibility and security to a Danish care home

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Residents, staff, visitors and contractors all need different levels of access at a residential care premises. Creating a safe, secure environment demands that the needs of all these separate user groups are met. At Dagmargården — a newly built care home operated by the Skanderborg Housing Cooperative — SMARTair™ wireless access control delivered just that.

When making plans for a new, state-of-the-art care centre, the Skanderborg Housing Cooperative sought modern access control suited to every user’s needs. Also important to the cooperative was that their Dagmargården care home should be a welcoming, key-free environment, without the negative associations of key chains and mechanically locked doors.

Working with a trusted local installer, the Skanderborg Housing Cooperative chose SMARTair™ wireless access control from ASSA ABLOY. Because installation is wire-free — SMARTair™ components are battery-powered — the new system saves the cooperative both time and money.

The Skanderborg site has Offline and Online escutcheons and wall readers, ensuring security managers are kept informed about the status of the premises in real time. This can be essential when dealing with the client group that resides at Dagmargården, as it enables care staff to respond quickly.

“SMARTairTM provides safety and the possibility to tailor the system exactly to our needs,” says Ole Høi Sørensen at the Skanderborg Housing Cooperative. “It is practical in daily life, and we can see who has been where and when.”

Everyone at Dagmargården opens doors using standard credentials equipped with MIFARE® RFID technology. Residents are issued with a tag which automatically opens their apartment door: they don’t need to turn a handle, or even to push.

For administrators, the SMARTair™ software becomes an intuitive management tool, accessible securely from inside almost any standard web browser. It’s straightforward for security managers to tailor access rights so residents, staff and visitors can open only those doors for which they have authorization. Access permissions can be amended when needed. Audit trails can be generated for any credential or lock. And if a card is lost, it takes a few clicks to cancel it from the system — so the costs and risks associated with mechanical key loss have also been eliminated.

“We do not have a problem with lost keys,” adds Ole Høi Sørensen.

And with SMARTair™ wireless access control and automated doors, residents do not feel “imprisoned” under lock and key. With flexible access rights and user-friendly operation, SMARTair™ has helped to create a caring, nurturing and secure environment for the residents of this state-of-the-art care home.

For further information visit www.tesa.es/smartair-residentialcare

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