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Caring Times, September 2013

The National Care Forum (NCF) has published its annual survey of staff which draws on data from 44 member organisations covering about 51,000 staff.

NCF executive director Des Kelly the survey had  now been conducted for 10 consecutive years and changes anf trends could be therefore mapped.

“While there are some positive indicators such as the continued improvement in qualification rates and a slight drop in turnover rates for care home settings, there is once again a strong reminder that the workforce in social care is ageing with fewer young people attracted to working in the sector,” said Mr Kelly.

On the positive side, the average qualification rate is slightly up on previous years at 68.3% (care workers) and 81.6% for managers.

“The survey confirms what we know about the ageing of the workforce with 49.5% of staff aged 45 and above (up from 45.6% last year),” said Mr Kelly.

“It confirms a steady increase over the last few years and there is a corresponding decrease in younger staff being recruited – only 12% are aged under 25.”

The average staff turnover in care homes for older people is 17.3% )last year it was 19.6%) and in the domiciliary care sector for older people it is 29.9%, compared to 27.7 in 2012. There are similar results on ‘churn’ as in previous years with almost a third (32.4%) leaving within 12 months.

“A great deal has been achieved in the last 12 months, particularly by the National Skills Academy and Skills for Care, to focus attention on workforce issues and to support employers in dealing with the challenges associated with our findings,” said Mr Kelly.

“Nevertheless, the survey shows the scale of the task faced by care providers to attract and keep the right people in order to consistently offer person-centred care.”





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