Younger People Living With Dementia

The hugely successful ‘Younger People Living With Dementia’ conference took place on Friday 20 November at the Wilkins Building, University College London.

Please click to download the programme for this past eventLayout 1


Speakers Presentations
The following presentations have kindly been made available to download. Please click on a name to download the presentation. All works are subject to the copyright of the authors and are intended for reference and personal use only.

Morris, H – Overview of dementia genetics
Norris, C – Young Onset Dementia
Oliver, K – Young Onset Dementia
Rosser, E – Presymptomatic genetic testing for adult onset neurological disorders
Schott, J – The Lancet Neurology:The diagnosis of young-onset dementia
Wilson, K- Unpickling brains: In the context of a specialist service for younger people with dementia

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