A quart into a pint pot

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|Independent social care consultant John Burton takes a hard look at the realities of staffing| The low level of fees paid by local authorities ensure that staffing in care homes nearly always falls short of the National Minimum Standard (27.1): “staffing numbers and skill mix . . . are appropriate to the assessed needs of the service users, the size, layout and purpose of the home, at all times.” Generally, staffing is inadequate in numbers, qualifications and training ­ and, of course, care staff are very poorly paid. It¹s a national scandal that residents and their relatives, and staff and their dependents have to suffer these inadequacies, and it¹s a disgrace that this scandal was created, and is now ignored and colluded with at the highest levels of government and the national inspectorate.. Outsiders to care homes rarely grasp the harsh realities of staff numbers and costs. A typical view from outsiders is “We were told there are 15 care staff but we never see more than three on duty at a time.” Well

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