An open invitation to raise standards across the care sector – from Your Care Rating

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Caring Times, June 2014

By DOUGLAS QUINN, Chairman, Your Care Rating

At a time when the care sector is coming under high profile scrutiny from the likes of BBC TV’s Panorama, we are inviting every care home provider in the country to join the 2014 Your Care Rating survey.

The aims of the Your Care Rating survey are threefold: i) to give care residents a voice; ii) to provide an authoritative source of information, and iii) to promote continuous quality improvement across the care home sector.

Whilst the survey does not raise standards directly, it can play an important role in helping to promote and facilitate better care. This happens by each provider who joins Your Care Rating demonstrating a public commitment to transparency and quality improvement. Each provider receives benchmarking data, including performance ratings and open comment feedback, on how each of their homes has done. It is this critical data which, we think, can help lead to improved standards of care amongst individual homes and across providers.

The results from the 2013 survey were broadly encouraging. The national average performance score of 871 out of 1,000 was good, but clearly we want this to rise even higher. There will also always be homes that score much lower than this.

As Jane Ashcroft, chair of Care England and chief executive of Anchor said about this year’s Your Care Rating survey: “It confirmed that in the vast majority of cases people are having a positive experience and staff are committed to providing the best service possible. The results give us crucial feedback on where we can build on our achievements.”

While Your Care Rating is currently the largest survey of care home residents in the country, we want many more to join us in 2014. To help publicise this we are about to launch a new marketing campaign to highlight the benefits to joining the survey. The campaign will features e-shots and brochures being distributed to providers using databases from such organisations as Care England, the National Care Forum and the National Association of Providers of Activities for Older People (NAPA).

As part of the campaign, we will shortly be announcing a new fee structure which will ensure joining the survey continues to be excellent value for money, together with two high profile appointments to our board to widen its independence beyond providers. Consultation about all aspects of the survey and the associated processes and reports will also now be largely undertaken through a newly established Care Provider Reference Group.

Last year’s survey was the first time all the results were publicly available on a new website – This commitment to public scrutiny is key to quality improvement across the sector and for next year’s survey we hope as many providers as possible join us in listening to what their residents really think about the care they receive.


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