Attendance Allowance should not be scrapped

Posted on February 1st, by geoff in CT blog. 2 comments

By Caring Times editor Geoff Hodgson

Michael Vaughan, managing director of the Red Rocks nursing home in The Wirral, has set up an online petition calling on the Government to abandon its plans to scrap Attendance Allowance for new claimants.

I was an early signatory and the current tally stands at 349 so there is some way to go before Mike garners the 10,000 signatures needed to so much as get a response from government.

Mike says the plan to scrap the allowance was very quietly announced just before Christmas in the Government’s Local Government Finance Settlement and involves passing any saved monies on to local councils under plans for devolution. If it goes ahead, many people who currently qualify for Attendance Allowance will then not meet local authority’s increasingly strict qualifying criteria for assistance.

I think this is a really bad idea, removing, as it does, even more of what is left of an older person’s independence and choice. Abolishing Attendance Allowance would remove financial support from people who may not meet the increasingly substantial criteria that social services use when deciding if a person is entitled to their support. Based on past performance I have little confidence in councils behaving rationally and responsibly when administering public money to fund social services, so why further disempower individuals to help feed an inefficient bureaucratic machine?

Mike says (and I agree with him) that Attendance Allowance can make all the difference between living and existing – without it people will suffer.

Anyone who wishes to sign the petition asking the Government to rethink its plan should go to:

A pdf of the Local Government Finance Settlement (see paragraph 1.4) can be viewed at

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2 responses to “Attendance Allowance should not be scrapped”

  1. Bob Ferguson says:

    Unless you believe local authorities can’t be trusted with anything, I think you’ll find the Barker Report instructive on this.

  2. Mike says:

    Geoff, thanks for your support. This issue is of paramount importance to each and every one of us. I just hope people are encouraged by your words to both sign the petition but also, and most importantly, to pass this on to others and to publicise the issue.

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