Best Practice in the Care Home Sector

Following the launch of highly successful Best Practice in Care Home Sector conference in 2017, Caring Times was delighted to return to the MAC arts complex and theatre in Birmingham on Wednesday 20 June 2018. Best Practice in the Care Home Sector conference was designed to highlight and showcase the very best practice in the care home sector by providing a strong annual event which offered staff and organisations who are doing excellent work the opportunity to showcase it, creating a learning opportunity for those attending the event and demonstrating to the media, CQC, commissioners and other stakeholders that there is excellent work going on in the independent care home sector.

Caring Times would like to give a special thank you to Four Seasons for their much appreciated Main Sponsorship, our partner Skills for Care for collaboration and support and the exhibitors Cura Systems and OM Interactive for their active participation.

The conference was structured around two main plenary sessions; one on arrival in the morning and one before close later in the afternoon. There were also two sets of three concurrent parallel sessions and a ‘Quickfire Debate’ with a panel of experts.

The opening plenary started with Sharon Allen, CEO, Skills for Care who talked about the road to an outstanding workforce. The conference then continued onto 3 breakout sessions including a session on a strategic and focused approach to recruitment and retention delivered by Genevieve Glover, HR Director, Barchester Healthcare and Service Manager Phil Benson from Community Integrated Care talking about the improvement of quality and retention of the staff.

Key messages were delivered by Maggie Candy from Care UK and Laura Wilkes from Somerset Redstone Trust on how to achieve ‘outstanding’ care. Senior Consultant Lynne Omar, Cura Systems talked about GDPR compliance within the Health and Social Care services and Ann-Marie Harmer from Barchester Healthcare introduced robotic pet companions and how they could improve the well-being of residents living with dementia with the help of robotic pet companions.

After networking and exhibition viewing the delegates moved into the second parallel sessions of the day including a session on the opportunities and barriers to developing quality of life delivered by Tom Owen, Co-director, My Home Life, sessions including meeting the sex and intimacy needs of people with dementia living in care homes presented by Beverley Page-Banks, Programme Manager, Innovation Team, Alzheimer’s Society, Jackie Pool from Sunrise Senior Living talked about the advantages of the ‘whole team’ approach to activity for residents, staff, relatives and the business and Martin McGuigan from Community Integrated Care shared his views on how care homes should be transformed into community anchors. Interesting points were raised by Isabelle Latham, Senior Lecturer, Association for Dementia and Judith Timmins, MD, Compliance Coach on innovative recruitment and training.

During lunch and further exhibition viewing delegates had an opportunity to attend our main sponsor Four Seasons “Dementia experience” interactive sessions that were designed to stimulate the sensory, cognitive and emotional elements of living with dementia, giving better understanding what it’s really like to live with dementia.

After lunch delegates moved into the thought provoking ‘Quickfire Debate’ with our panel of experts, including:

• Sharon Allen, CEO, Skills for Care
• Vic Rayner, Executive Director, National Care Forum
• Kevin Groombridge, Executive Chairman, Healthcare Management Solutions
• Sam Leighton-Smith, Director, Compass Associates
• Jeremy Richardson, CEO, brighterkind

Delegates completed the day with a closing plenary session delivered by Jonathan Cunningham MBE, Owner Rosebank Care Home who gave an inspiring presentation about the delivery of outstanding social care.

Presentations delivered on the day

Opening Plenary Presentation

Sharon Allen – The road to an outstanding workforce

Parallel Session 1

Genevieve Glover Presentation – A strategic and focused approach to recruitment and retention are key elements of our success

Maggie Candy – Onwards and Upwards with CQC, The Abracadabra Approach

Laura Wilkes – Achieving Outstanding with the help of Champions

Lynne Omar – Using GDPR – compliant technology to meet some of the changing expectations of Health and Social Care services

Ann-Marie Harmer – Robotic Pet Companions

Parallel Session 2

Tom Owen, Claire Allsopp, Blesson Thomas & Carole McNamara – Insights from 1000 care home managers – The opportunities and barriers to delivering quality of life

Beverley Page-Banks – Meeting the sex and intimacy needs of people living with dementia in care homes

Jackie Pool – A ‘whole team’ approach to activity

Martin McGuigan – Transforming Care Homes Into Community Anchors

Isabelle Latham – Training and Learning are not the same thing

Judith Timmins – Trailblazers – a recruitment solution for the future

Closing Plenary Presentation

Jonathan Cunningham – The 5 steps to outstanding

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Best Practice in the Care Home Sector 2017


Main Sponsor 2017

Caring Times is delighted that our new conference was held at the MAC Theatre, Birmingham on 20th September 2017 to great reception. The conference was designed to highlight the excellent practice which is happening day in and day out in the care home sector.

The purpose of this was two-fold:

• To provide a ‘live-theatre’ experience which informs, challenges, teaches and enthuses care staff to learn from those providing the best care so that as many as possible can return to their workplaces and put into practice what they have learnt
• To start highlighting, documenting and broadcasting (by word of mouth, digitally and in print) the evidence which is needed to show to stakeholders such as the regulators, commissioners, the consumer and the media that the sector provides high quality, innovative care in so many settings.

Presentations delivered on the day

Parallel Session 1

The Role of chaplaincy in meeting spiritual needs of care home residents – Julia Burton Jones, Church of England, Diocese of Rochester
Bedside Buddies – Sue Faulkner, The Fremantle Trust
Walsall Care Improvement and End of Life Care Helen Reeves ,St Giles Hospice & Michael Hurt, Walsall CCGr

Parallel Session 2

Information Governance in Care Homes – Mandy Thorn, Care Provider Alliance and Marches Care and Keith Strahan, NHS Digital
Using Music: Effectively in your care setting – Beckie Morley, Music Moments 
Abbeyfield Making Music – April Dobson, The Abbeyfield Society
Sing more, Live better: A Choir in every Care Home – Douglas Noble, Wellbeing – Live Music Now 
Improving person-centered care for OP in care homes Jennifer Collieson and Pamela Holmes SCIE

Quick Fire Debate

Care Protect ,Philip Scott

Parallel Session 3

Activating people’s personal relationship networks – Cath Barton, Community Circles
From Red to Green! – Sanjay Dhrona, The Close Care Home
Mountains and Mousetraps – Maggie Candy, Guide Total
Your favourite tipple George Sampson MHA

Conference Programme

We are delighted to announce our full conference programme.
Please click the image below to view and download the PDF programme.

Sponsorship and Exhibition

The conference hosted a varied and interactive exhibition. Exhibitors were:

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