Brunelcare rises to the challenge of health and social care integration

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Not-for-profit social care provider Brunelcare has published a study report on integration of health and social care sub-headed Rising to the

Brunelcare’s head of clinical excellence Sandra Payne with the charity’s chief executive Kevin Fairman.


In February a cross-functional working group within Brunelcare was established to compile a report showing and evidencing how the charity contributes to the integration of health and social care within the South West, the region in which Brunel Care’s services are provided.

A key focus for the working group was to respond to the National Audit Office report on health and social care integration published in February.

In gathering ‘best-practice’ evidence for the report, the group focused on two specific elements of Brunelcare’s performance: (1) how they help reduce hospital admissions and (2) reducing delays to transfer of care from hospital to other settings.

Sandra Payne, Brunelcare’s head of clinical excellence said the charity’s report acknowledges and agrees with the key findings of the National Audit Office, in particular, recognising that Brunelcare operates in a sector with a rising demand for services.

“As a care provider we are coping with ever increasing numbers of clients waiting for a care package in their own home or waiting for a nursing home placement,” said Ms Payne.

“Embedding new ways of working, developing trust and understanding between organisations that work together to provide care is vital to successful integration. Finally, and this also defines Brunelcare’s approach to care, we agree that integrated care should be entirely focused on the patient’s wishes and needs.”

Brunelcare’s chief executive Kevin Fairman said charities and organisations in the social care sector had repeatedly called for the lack of funding for social care to be addressed.

“All of us working in social care, and particularly those providing care and support for older people, eagerly await the Government’s Green Paper on social care to be published in summer 2018,” said Mr Fairman.

“However, as well as the systemic changes that we hope lead on from this Green Paper, it is worth recognising that there is a lot of outstanding practice already going on within the sector on a day-to-day basis.

“Brunelcare’s mission is to help people to remain as independent as possible, for as long as possible, and to make the most of their lives.

“This report is an excellent example of colleagues from all areas of the charity coming together as one team to create something which they should rightly feel very proud of.”

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