Care manager is appointed ‘employee director’ at Mears Group

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A care quality manager who started her career with Mears on their graduate management programme has been

Amanda Hillerby

appointed to the board of directors.

In June, Amanda Hillerby was confirmed as the company’s first employee director: a post which aims to ensure that the interests of the staff who make up the business’ 12000-strong workforce are represented at the very highest level.

Mears, a major provider of care and housing services, is one of only a handful of UK companies to create a position for an employee on its board and the first listed company in the care sector to do so.

Director Alan Long said that, in the 30 years Mears has been in business, the best ideas had always come from the workforce: those on the frontline who work with customers and service users every day and have the insight into what works and what doesn’t work on the ground.

“As organisations grow larger, leaders and staff can become more distant from one another and it can become challenging for staff to have their voices heard,” said Mr Long.

“At Mears, regardless of our size, we are determined not to let that happen. Having an employee director on our board, being part of every conversation, helps us to make sure that the interests, views and ideas of our people continue to be at the heart of every decision we make.”

Amanda, who competed with 50 other applicants for the position, says she is delighted to have been awarded the role.

“Mears has a strong track record of supporting people to develop from the most junior to the most senior roles in the organisation,” said Amanda.

“It is a company that values its workforce and this is a great example of how it puts that into action.

“I am looking forward to making a difference, to getting out there and meeting people, understanding what works for them as well as the challenges they face, and then making sure those thoughts and ideas are shared and considered at board level.”

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