Choose your poison – it won’t change much in social care

Posted on April 20th, by geoff in CT blog. 2 comments

By Caring Times editor Geoff Hodgson

In a January blog, I predicted that social care would not figure highly in the current general election campaign. I didn’t need to be Nostradamus to be right on the nail.

Of course social care gets a mention now and then – various politicians refer to ‘health and social care’ and then go on to talk about health, and of course the Green Party, bless them, do promise to make social care free.

No one, however, seems to be prepared to spell out the role that social care would play in their version of a reformed healthcare service. Instead they harp on about their populist policies and spend far too much time trying to frighten us with the dire consequences of voting for anyone else but themselves. It’s worse than the World Cup and the Olympics all rolled into one. Our household now has Classic FM set as our default radio station, replacing Radio 4, until after the election.

What is certain is that once the dust settles in mid-May, the new administration won’t be making any big changes in the social care arena – it’ll be ‘muddle along as before’, the same laissez-faire approach which leaves the tough decisions to the ever pragmatic private providers, with the bill being paid by our presently asset-rich elderly population (the care cap being nothing more than an intelligence-insulting piece of window-dressing).

This I think, is the nub of the ideological debate which the politicians appear unwilling to address.

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2 responses to “Choose your poison – it won’t change much in social care”

  1. Tony Stein says:

    Whilst I agree with the view that the election, at least for now, is little more than a daily barrage of undeliverable promises in the hope of winning votes, I think we should be less pessimistic about the post-election world of care.
    Almost unwittingly, politicians are drifting towards a solution that although some time away, is becoming an inevitability now.
    More money is needed for care, in particular adult social care as the population ages. Local Authorities are unable to pay for this and so the burden is quietly being passed across to the NHS after all, as Mr Hunt tells us, the NHS will get whatever it needs!
    Long term placements into care are drying up, being replaced by more respite and transitional care packages that increasingly are finding their funding from NHS coffers.
    The danger that we face in the short term is that the desperate need to make the package fit the available funding will mean the wrong decisions are made and people will be inappropriately discharged from care to home only to fall and end up in a worse condition in hospital.
    As for re-tuning the radio, I switched to Radio 4 extra but I’ve found the comedies are indistinguishable from the electioneering!

  2. Bob Ferguson says:

    Lighten up, guys. try Radio6!

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