Compton Care discards ‘hospice’ tag

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Caring Times, June 2018

Compton Care is one of the first palliative care providers in the UK to remove ‘hospice’ from its name as part a new strategy aimed at revolutionising the way in which people with complex and incurable conditions are cared for, after research found that people are fearful of accessing its services.

The charity carried out patient, staff and supporter and sector research which found that a large number of people associate the word ‘hospice’ with being ‘a place you go to die’. In turn, this negative perception contributed to people often becoming fearful of accessing care from Compton, as well as healthcare professionals making referrals only in the final weeks or days of a person’s life.

The new strategy, which includes a £2.5m investment into Compton’s care co-ordination centre is focused on ensuring that patients are referred into its care earlier on, allowing for better complex condition management and improved quality of life. Compton Care (formerly ‘Compton Hospice’) aims to achieve this by better integrating its own services and adopting a partnership approach with the healthcare economy.

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