Equality & Human Rights – got them sorted?

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

Safe, Responsive, Caring, Effective and Well-led – the regulator’s ‘Key Lines Of Enquiry’ (KLOEs) cover it all, wouldn’t you think?

Apparently they don’t. Apparently, anyone who aspires to the provision of social care must now give heed to Equality and Human Rights (their capitals, not mine).

Into this acronym-plagued milieu, I’ll throw in another; the time-honoured KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Social care regulation has evolved layers of such Byzantine complexity that we have come to where one piece of regulation may easily find itself in conflict with another. Providers have given me many examples of this but I must try to keep this blog short. However, take risk; on one hand there is plenty of regulatory guidance which encourages risk-taking (it’s in the human rights guidance), and an equally plentiful supply of sanctions for those who have, in the subjective eyes of an inspector, abandoned their duty if care in taking that risk.

Do we really need to use equality and human rights as another hammer to beat providers with? Surely, any service which significantly departed from these fundamental values would be identified as not being well-led. It could be as simple as that.

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One response to “Equality & Human Rights – got them sorted?”

  1. John Burton says:

    I watch the CQC’s board (and boring) meetings each month and wonder at their capacity to complicate and avoid the essence of care. The meetings are all about them and the ramparts they build to defend themselves against annihilation. It’s an organisation that is totally and expensively redundant . . . and they know it.
    Yes, I too could cite many examples of their failure on human rights. Here are a couple.
    Disclosing the names of dozens of whistleblowers to their employers. And closing the good home of five men in the North East, taking their home and family away from them, leaving them dependent on the intermittent support of unreliable strangers. CQC have wrecked their lives.
    Just watch our monster of a regulator trample on equality and human rights now they have taken the responsibility for another area of our existence that they know nothing of in practice.

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