8th Annual UK Dementia Congress


The 8th Annual Congress was held over the 5th, 6th & 7th November 2013 at the East Midlands Conference Centre, Nottingham


The most powerful impression from the 8th UK Dementia Congress, recently held in Nottingham, was that the previously separated worlds of care in care homes, in the community or in hospitals are coming together. This is an exciting and important development because each world has so much to teach  and learn from each other.

The 8th Congress, kindly sponsored by Bupa, started with a thought-inspiring presentation from students from Academic sponsor, the University of Bradford, entitled “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. Reflecting on through our own window on the world of Congress”.

It continued with a passionate debate “This house believes that dementia should be diagnosed as early as possible”. For the first time, two GPs, Dr Jill Rasmussen and Dr Martin Brunet, were the principal speakers for and against the motion. At the beginning of the debate the vast majority of the audience supported the concept of early diagnosis, with some “undecideds”.  However the argument that seemed to win on the day was that timely diagnosis was needed, but that too great an emphasis on early diagnosis, if it came at the cost of subsequent support because of limited resources, was not a good thing. Certainly the number of undecideds dropped and the number of opposers rose. The motion “This house believes that dementia should be diagnosed as early as possible” was, however, still won.

Those living with dementia and their carers play a big part in each UK Dementia congress and this was shown to good effect by presentations from Heather Roberts and Peter Dunlop, Alzheimer’s Society Ambassadors and Sheila Wainwright and Louise Langham from Uniting Carers Dementia UK. Norman Lamb, Minister of State for Care and Support, enjoyed the presentations and during his own presentation showed how dementia remains at the top of the political tree. Next year there will be a review of the UK’s Dementia Strategy. This session was certainly one of the highlights of Congress.

With six parallel sessions running at any one time, an excellent Exhibition with many interesting products and services, Early Bird Sessions, Posters, Workshops and Plenary Sessions there were plenty more highlights. In an inspiring Tom Kitwood Memorial Address, Professor Brendon McCormack from the University of Ulster discussed the widespread over-simplification of  Kitwood’s core ideas and urged us all to remember that to flourish we need to give and receive loving kindness. Marc Wortmann, Executive Director at Alzheimers Disease International showed us how the UK was ahead in some areas of dementia care but behind in others. And finally Professor Tom Dening from the Institute of Mental Health in Nottingham summarised the latest medical and scientific advances in dementia and suggested that new breakthrough drug advances are unlikely in the near future.

Over 800 people gathered together for Congress and it is hoped that they all returned back to their organisations invigorated by the experience of meeting with each other, learning and teaching, eager to communicate what they have learnt for the benefit of those they work with.

The 9th Dementia Congress will be held at the Brighton Hilton Hotel on the 10-12th November 2014. This will be a return to a venue successfully visited before and all are very welcome.

Dr Richard Hawkins, Editor in Chief, Journal of Dementia Care


The following presentations have kindly been made available for public download. Please click on the name to download the presentation.

Tuesday 5 November 18:20 -19:30:
Rasmussen, Jill
Brunet, Martin

Wednesday 6 November 08:30 -09:15
Howorth, Riley & Drummond
Guss & Asquith
Capstick, Andrea
Bell, JeniGilfoy, Kathryn
Lane & Hirst

Wednesday 6 November 09:30 -11:00
Roberts, Heather
Whitman, Lucy

Wednesday 6 November 11:30 -12:40
Aguirre, Elisa
Toot, Sandeep
Crossland & Sexton
Cook & Green
Hannan, Ruth
Watkins, Mould & Bainsfair

Wednesday 6 November 13:40 -14:30
McCormack, Brendan

Wednesday 6 November 14:40-15:50
Loveday & Watt
Bridges, Jackie
Lenham & Savitch
McKeown, Jane
Williamson & Glover
Crossland & Tester
Edwards & Turner
Smith, Crossland & Surr

Wednesday 6 November 16:20 -17:30
Iddon, Mike
Bray & Atkinson
Macadam, Alison
John, Antonia
Dennison, Sheehy & Ursell

Thursday 7 November 08:30 -09:00
Edwards, Heather

Thursday 7 November 09:15 -10:25
Noble, Rusius & Bainbridge
Holman, Robert
Post, Marijke
La Fontaine, Jenny
James, Ian
Wiper, Pauline
Brooker, Dawn
Buckell & Knibbs
Illiffe, Steve
Kindell, Wilkinson & Keady
Chaplin, Ruth

Thursday 7 November 11:00 -11:50
Wortmann, Marc

Thursday 7 November 12:00 -13:10
Behan, Bowes & Webster
Franklin Gould, Veronica
Howard, Sue
Life Story Network
McKenna, Margaret
Jacobson, Smith & Knight

Thursday 7 November 14:10 -15:00
Dening, Tom



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