GMB calls for better funding of social care

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The GMB union has added its voice to the many calls for better funding of social care. A GMB motion calling for fair funding for social care was debated and carried at the TUC Congress in Brighton on 13th September.

GMB national officer Justin Bowden said years of chronic underfunding by successive governments had made today’s safety net one of ‘cradle to care home door’.

“A time bomb is ticking under the system of care for our elderly and vulnerable, the product of chronic underfunding and society’s failure to face up to its responsibilities to those – who paid tax and national insurance all their lives – in their times of need,” Mr Bowden said.

“Unlike the NHS, which can still be held up as a beacon of our values, for the one in 20 of us who will go into a care home, this crumbling pillar of society represents a betrayal of hundreds of thousands of citizens who contributed to this country all their lives.”

GMB has called for:

  • Fees to rise immediately to at least the £600 per week as set out in Rowntree Foundation Fair Care Model;
  • The formation of a new and independent training commission, responsible for ensuring the supply of UK trained staff – for all occupations – to meet future demand in the care sector and the NHS;
  • New government funding for universal standards of care sector training through training support grants to the public and private sectors;
  • Care occupations being registered and seen as a career path, giving those working in the sector the status they deserve, banishing the low paid, unappreciated, “invisible” roles tolerated today;
  • Care workers being paid to at least a living wage of £7.85 per hour and £9.20 per hour in London.

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