Happiness and goodwill isn’t just for Christmas

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By Caring Times editor Geoff Hodgson

A few days ago I listened to Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ on Radio 4. It struck me that the overarching theme was that happiness and goodwill to others are mutually conditional; if you have goodwill for others you will be happy and vice-versa. It’s almost self-evident; it would be hard to find someone who bore ill-will to others who would claim to be happy.

I thought about this in the care home context, how a happy atmosphere seems to be a key ingredient of high quality care. Happy staff bear goodwill to those they are caring for, and that goodwill they bear helps them to be happy.

That is a big reason why care home operators and managers should cherish their staff. Everyone who works in a care home should feel valued, they should be proud of what they do, knowing that how they do their jobs has a direct impact on other people’s wellbeing and happiness.

A care home is not so very different from an extended family with more than its fair share of elderly relatives with varying degrees of frailty and crankiness. Members of families care for each other, tolerate and support each other and whatever the ups and downs of life, members of a family will know they are cared about and loved, that their family bears them nothing but good will, and that goodwill engenders an abiding happiness.

Care homes should be happy places. Happy Christmas.

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