Hard times, hard times, come again no more!

Posted on June 20th, by geoff in CT blog. 3 comments

By Caring Times editor Geoff Hodgson

Good news! Parliament has set up a select committee to inquire into the quality and financial sustainability of adult social care in England!

Yes indeed, politicians are going to roll up their sleeves and get to the bottom of things, identifying the problems and sorting out what needs to be done to solve them.

The inquiry, which is now open for written submissions, will look at whether local authorities have sufficient funding to meet their statutory duties under the Care Act to assess and meet the needs of people requiring care and support. The impact of the National Living Wage policy and the 2% council tax precept, which were announced in last year’s spending reviews, will also be assessed.

Isn’t this great? I can almost hear the bolt-cutters snapping the chains around the banks’ coffers and envision social services chiefs revising their fee rates upwards. No doubt many care home owners will phone their property agents, telling them to take their failing businesses off the market, deciding to battle on, having seen this shining light at the end of the tunnel.

Just think! Once all this EU nonsense is out of the way, this inquiry means we can look forward to some real action on social care. After all, this Government doesn’t do things by halves – or quarters, or eighths, or . . .

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3 responses to “Hard times, hard times, come again no more!”

  1. John Burton says:

    The paralysis of analysis comes to mind. Government, parliament, and committees of the great and good never initiate change. They can only enable changes and advances that have already been made by pioneers to become widespread good practice. However, in attempting to make new ideas and their applications standard, they often miss the point, standardise the wrong things and stifle initiative and creativity. And, of course, all this takes years, by which time the environment has changed. They are always behind the curve.
    Change is the responsibility of people on the ground: learning from each other, trusting their own judgement and professionalism, challenging institutional dishonesty, focused on their core task. See Mary Parker Follett’s “Law of the situation” – each situation has its own logic, history, context, and present state, development and solution. The successful social care manager has to deal with things as they come up and as they are. They can’t and shouldn’t wait to be told by their bosses, a parliamentary committee, or the regulators. The managers are the leaders of change.

  2. A clear-thinking select committee will find that their only recourse will be to recommend raising the retirement age by another 10 years!

    A recent critique on this blog questioned the taxes lost to offshore-based care operators; should we put all the past and extant early-retirement, final salary pension (with boosted last 2 years’ salaries) recipients into that similar debate?

    Also buy-to-let landlords who’ve freely invested the rental receipts from hard working persons whose own jobs/circumstances prevent them from eventually becoming property-wealthy at all, let alone enough be able sell their house to pay for their care, as many are expect to have to do?

  3. Amaretta says:

    Politics has a way of spoiling and fixing things at the same time.The setting up of an enquiry is very welcome as so much ore could be done for the elderly in the UK. Hopefully the Government will invest more in social care all round and especially for the elderly

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