HC-One calls for sector-wide debate on use of CCTV in care homes

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HC-One, the UK’s third largest care home provider, has called for a sector-wide debate on implementing an opt-in, visible camera scheme in care homes, in the wake of its own internal consultation.

The company ran its own consultation with residents, relatives and staff to gauge their views on an opt-in, visible camera scheme. More than 12,000 individuals responded to HC-One’s consultation, with the following results:

• 68% of all respondents were in favour of introducing opt-in, visible cameras in homes;

• 87% of relatives supported of the use of cameras;

• 63% of staff supported the use of cameras;

• 53% of residents opposed the use of cameras.

The consultation showed a number of concerns about the implementation of such a scheme:

• Privacy for Residents – 74%

• Who has access to the footage – 65%

• Who watches the footage – 63%

• Where footage is stored and how secure it is – 60%

• Where in the home cameras are used – 53%

This consultation was the first phase of HC-One’s broader three-phase project. Phase two involves an industry-wide debate on the above findings and possible ways to navigate the so-far inconclusive results.

The full report of HC-One’s consultation has been sent to regulators and stakeholders, including the Department of Health. HC-One is keen to receive feedback from these bodies, and any other interested organisation, by 31st December 2014.

The use of cameras as a safeguarding tool in care delivery has been a topic HC-One has long discussed internally as a way to restore public faith in the sector and to act as a deterrent against the actions of rogue carers. HC-One’s chairman Dr Chai Patel said it was is important that any use of visible cameras would be in addition to, and would not replace, the existing rigorous safeguarding measures currently in place across the care homes sector in the UK.

“At HC-One, we have long been debating how to stamp out malpractice in care homes and restore public trust in the care sector,” said Dr Patel.

“Having worked hard over the last three years to make a number of important investments and improvements to our homes, we felt now was the right time to discuss the use of visible cameras with the individuals who matter most to us – HC-One residents, relatives and staff members.

“The results of this consultation are vitally important in initiating an industry-wide debate on the matter. The potential implementation of an opt-in, visible camera scheme is a very serious issue and one for the whole sector to debate in depth. We welcome regulators, stakeholders and other interested bodies to share their opinions and ensure that our loved-ones up and down the country receive the kindest care.”

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