If VW can do it, so can everyone else – honest commitment vs compliance, collusion, and competition

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By guest blogger JOHN BURTON

Can anyone be trusted these days? Who would believe that Volkswagen would turn out to be such rogues? Who would have thought that they would build fraud into 11 million cars, tricking customers and regulators for years?

Well, I would, for one. There was a time when most people would not believe that their bank would ever dupe, scam, and defraud them. Actually, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, most people still don’t believe it. But long before the worldwide crash, most insiders knew what was going on, and, if they didn’t they were in wilfully ignorant collusion. The poor punters who were scammed and the lower grades of bank employees, who would be out of a job if they didn’t sell dodgy “products”, had to comply. And, of course, the regulators themselves were willingly duped by the international firms of rich, slick accountants, some of them employed because they were former regulators.

Hey, come on old boy, that’s a bit OTT, isn’t it? Well, yes, it is a bit near the bone for the readership of this blog . . . the bone being our own faked world of social care. The one we keep complaining is maligned by the media. We know that compliance with regulations can be fixed. We know that there’s a sizeable “industry” fixing compliance in desperate attempts to maintain the crumbling facade of “quality”.

As with VW and the banks with their brilliant engineers and accountants, and as with their much more exact and measurable regulations, social care and its regulators feel they have to go along with the dishonesty or die. Fortunately there are still plenty of honest providers (big and small) committed to good care, however much the regulator tries to make compliant liars out of them. And there are still people coming into the work with ideas and ideals, determined to survive and flourish, to support each other.

We have to establish our own professional, ethical standards. We have to replace this compliant, command and control, competitive culture with honest co-operative commitment to real care.

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