IT comes to CQC

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By guest blogger JOHN BURTON

This month, IT is coming to CQC in person. David Behan is leaving, and DB’s replacement is IT, Ian Trenholm who, we are told, is going to “deliver technological innovation at scale to deliver benefits for people.” Cor Blimey! What a lot of delivery. That will be good, won’t it?

No, it probably won’t. At first I thought he must have been a truck driver for Curry’s but no, he was CEO at NHS Blood and Transplant and “delivered” a shed-load of digital management and transformation-speak to not much effect. Before that . . . more of the same at DEFRA and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, and Hong Kong police and an MBA of course.

I wonder what he’ll make of the perpetual failure of CQC’s adult services inspectors to produce their reports on time. Will he be as indulgent as Behan has been? CQC gives itself ten weeks to report on adult home inspections, yet they have never been able to meet this extraordinarily lax KPI – Key Performance Indicator to all you dozy caring folk who are old-fashioned enough to imagine that relationships take precedence over records.

IT knows all about performance management of course, but I wonder if he knows anything at all about social care, or health for that matter. When he was at Blood and Transplant, IT spoke about “supply chain optimisation”, “augmented reality”, “machine learning”, and, of course “driving productivity”. Makes you want to get up and dance, doesn’t it?

Ten years ago, when I questioned the appointment of Cynthia Bower as CEO of the new Care Quality Commission, I was told I was being very unfair and personal. That was before the Mid Staffs Inquiry exposed her close association with the disaster of Stafford General Hospital (as it then was). I doubt that there is anything anywhere near so disgraceful in Ian Trenholm’s past, but I just can’t see how he is qualified to lead an organisation that is meant to understand the pumping heart and bloodstream of care.

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One response to “IT comes to CQC”

  1. Let’s face it the CQC has many failings but the fundamental problem that our sector faces is that none of the UK regulators is properly accountable or subject to formal checks on how they operate and the decisions they make. Its time to disconnect regulation from inspection and introduce a registered inspection body system as other countries have that ensures proper accountability based on traceable inspections and not so-called “judgements” of inspectors that are full of inherent bias.
    David Behan has taken the CQC forwards from where it was but a chance has been missed with the new appointee, I would have preferred to see an appointment from an overseas regulator that know how to introduce accountability into the inspection process.

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