About the Journal of Dementia Care

The Journal of Dementia Care is a multidisciplinary, bi-monthly journal aimed at all professionals working with people living with dementia. It recognises that professional carers working with people living with dementia have their own special demands which deserve a specialist publication.

Please note that we also publish the Australian Journal of Dementia Care.

The Journal of Dementia Care has the following aims:

  • To provide a strong editorial commitment to improving the quality of care provided for people living with dementia in hospitals, residential and nursing homes, daycare, homecare, sheltered housing and other community settings.
  • To raise the profile of all professionals working in this specialist field and to make them feel valued.
  • To present the ideas and opinions of professionals working with people with dementia, and those of people living with dementia.
  • To emphasise the value and importance of training and staff development to achieve high quality dementia care, and to provide the information on how those improvements can be achieved.

The Journal of Dementia Care Guidance for authors is now available to download.

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Editorial Content: Keep up to date with

  • News: succinct, useful round-ups of the latest news in the dementia care field, including conference reports, key funding announcements, appointments and awards
  • Reports and research round-up: helpful summaries of the headline findings from major reports, new policies and initiatives, and research
  • Talking Point: a chance for a variety of commentators on dementia care to share their opinions on issues that matter to them
  • Network articles: reports on local dementia-specific projects, giving practitioners the chance to share the story of their work
  • JDC asks…’: read the views of a changing line-up of expert contributors as they debate topical issues in the dementia care field
  • Feature articles: in-depth articles that share more complex material, such as the findings from a service evaluation, assistance with the more challenging aspects of dementia care, a report on a publication or campaign, the findings from a research project, a detailed case study or offering good practice or practical help with a particular topic
  • Knowledge transfer: drawing out key messages for practitioners from research news and summaries, as  well as providing a vital platform for researchers to share their findings with practitioners
  • Dementia Diaries: people living with dementia talk about the issues that matter to them as part of a unique initiative by On Our Radar
  • Dementia-focussed events : don’t miss out on major dementia learning and sharing events in the UK, including JDC’s own programme of conferences UK-wide
  • Resources and blogs updates: keep up-to-date by reading about all the latest dementia resources – online learning materials, blogs, books, guides or websites – and learn where and how to access these

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