NCA: providers confused by fundamental errors in launch of new fundamental standards

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The National Care Association (NCA) says its members are confused by the Care Quality Commission’s implementation of the new fundamental standards and the issuing of two provider handbooks; one covering community adult social care services, and the other covering residential adult social care services.

NCA vice-chairman Mandy Thorn said members were concerned, frustrated and in some cases “very cross” at the confusion that surrounds the introduction of the new fundamental standards and quality ratings system.

One concern is that the Key Lines of Enquiry relating to the new Fundamental Standards were published on 25th September and implemented on 1st October, giving providers five days to make the changes required before inspections start implementing the Fundamental Standards. NCA says the handbooks explaining how the new arrangements are to be implemented were published nine days after implementation of the new method of inspection. Ms Thorn said the handbooks contain the startling information that the regulations relating to the Fundamental Standards have yet to approved by Parliament (it is hoped that they will be in place by April 2015) and that if CQC wished to take any enforcement action in the meantime, it would have to be under the terms of existing legislation.

“Clearly there has been a fundamental lack of planning here.,” said Ms Thorn.

“Providers are expected to comply with this new methodology prior to the publication of the handbook and then we learn that it hasn’t been through the legislative process. If it wasn’t so serious it would be funny! We welcome new ways of working but surely the least CQC could have done was get their ducks in place rather than make such a fundamental error.”

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