NCF ballot: managers rank quality as the key priority

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Caring times, January 2013

The result of the National Care Forum (NCF) ballot, conducted at the recent Managers Conference, shows the overwhelming priority of managers is to quality of care and person-centred ways of working – for a second year.

“This annual check on what matters most to managers provides valuable insights. Managers have, once again, shown that they are driven by values. It is very clear that quality and person-centred approaches remain by far their over-riding priority. Given the challenging climate in which managers are working I find the results extremely encouraging,” said Des Kelly (Executive Director of the National Care Forum).

Des Kelly continued: “These results are of interest as they reflect the competing pressures that managers in care settings are juggling day-in and day-out. We know that the leadership offered by managers is crucial to ensuring that quality of care is consistently met. Once again the NCF managers‟ ballot shows that it is people management issues and their underpinning values that lie at the heart of managers‟ priorities.”

Ballot result:

The following ranking of the issues are the result for 2012, based on frequency of mention:

1. Quality of care (2011: 1) and providing evidence of quality

2. Delivering person-centred care with compassion and kindness (2011: 2)

3. The value of a skilled, well-trained and motivated workforce (2011: 3; 2008: 4)

4. Recruiting and retaining the right staff (2010: 3; 2009: 2)

5. Balancing person-centred care with administrative demands (new entry)

6. Leadership to develop staff (2010: 4)

7. Demands of compliance (2010: 2; 2009: 4)

8. Relationships – people receiving care and support and their families (new entry)

9. Positive image and recognition for good care (2008: 6)

10.Budgets/funding and sustainability (2010: 1; 2009: 1)

‘Changing attitudes to make a difference’ was just outside the top ten priorities. Last year there was a marked contrast to the previous years but this time the top three issues are unchanged. It is a positive picture of the priorities for managers in care services that clearly demonstrate that quality and person-centred approaches are what actually matter the most – the top two issues account for close to 25% of all the responses. This is followed by various workforce matters as they relate to quality of care – 18.8% of the responses. The results this year are much more spread out than previously with a long ‘tail’ of priorities and a wide range of issues.

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