NCSC – a board member reflects

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|The National Care Standards Commission (NCSC) has now been succeeded by the Commission for Social Care Inspection (CSCI). We interviewed an outgoing NCSC board member, Professor John Spiers, who remains a radical critic of many of the NCSC policies. He shared his reflections with Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON, stressing that he wanted to talk about the lessons and issues for public policy, in the hope of change coming with the new Commission.| GH: John, what do you think is the most striking lesson from the experience of the NCSC? Can we look forward to positive change now? – The key lesson is that we need a very different blend of regulation and markets, and we need to trust the clients of services, purchasers and providers more, and to rely less on “experts” within bureaucracies. I hope we can enable providers to have much more freedom to think about processes, to work inductively and to reason from particulars to the general, rather than the reverse. The larger picture of how to provide services must

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