New co-chair of Care Association Alliance

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Caring Times, June 2018

Melanie Weatherly, chief executive of Lincolnshire homecare provider Walnut Care, will co-chair the Care Association Alliance alongside Surrey

Melanie Weatherley

Care Association chief executive Erica Lockhart after being appointed by the body last week.

The Care Association Alliance brings together care associations from across the country under one umbrella. Its aim is to engage with stakeholders across government departments and give local care associations a voice nationally.

“I intend to use my experience as a care provider and employer of more than 200 people in the industry to speak up for other providers, not just in Lincolnshire, but across the country,” said Melanie.

“There is plenty of work to be done. As an industry, we can achieve so much more by working together, rather than individually.

“In Lincolnshire, we have a healthcare partnership between local authorities, care providers and the NHS to ensure the highest standards are met. I want to guarantee the merits of this approach are highlighted.”

Walnut Care is the largest provider of homecare across Lincolnshire. The family-run company is one of many SMEs providing care services across the UK, a point which Melanie intends to highlight as part of her new role.

“SMEs like Walnut Care are the backbone of the care industry,” she said.

“I want to speak up for the smaller companies delivering care, under sometimes tricky circumstances. Their voices must be heard at the highest level and it’s my job to make sure this happens.”

Melanie takes over from Debbie Le Quesne, chair of the West Midlands Care Association.

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