No more fudges please

Posted on June 12th, by geoff in Caring Times, CT blog. 2 comments

By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

A few blogs ago I opined that social care would not figure as a key issue in the general election. Well, I was wrong, but who could have predicted that the Tories would be so ill-advised as to make it part of their manifesto in such a cack-handed way?

Still, it was right up there alongside Brexit and the NHS, and that’s good news for the sector as social care will not now be easily relegated to its former corner of the ‘issues to dodge’ box. As the sun sets on the current administration, perhaps we should be grateful that, in proposing a £100k asset threshold while at the same time extending the means test to include homecare, and then hurriedly tacking-on an unspecified cap to an individual’s liability, future governments have been given a pretty clear message that such measures are unacceptable.

The welfare of elderly people and other vulnerable people is generally perceived to be a government responsibility and it appears that most of us think that the burden of paying for this should be equitably distributed via taxation, as is the case with health and education.

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2 responses to “No more fudges please”

  1. It will be interesting to see if the social care Green Paper makes it into the Queen’s Speech. Hopefully we will have a social care minister by then.

  2. Roger Wharton says:

    After years of obfuscation and prevarication I think the chance has at last come when a clear direction of travel can be achieved that the population can depend on. Nevertheless, it such a shame that it was a political own goal that got us to this point. Let’s hope the Green Paper is sooner rather than later and not sidelined during the parliament.

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