Now where did I put those spectacles?

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

Last week, guest blogger John Burton touched on the management of dentures in care homes and used an extended toothy metaphor in a trenchant criticism of the regulatory regime. I thought I’d borrow the trick.

British bulldog-like, the Government has its teeth locked firmly into negotiations with Brussels and no amount of cudgelling seems likely to make it let go and take its other responsibilities more seriously.

Indentured as it is to the Brexit referendum, the Government may now be patting its pockets in search of its many pairs of spectacles. The foreign secretary has purloined the rose-tinted pair (apart from anything else they look well beneath his golden mop) and the NHS-issue set, meant to improve far-sightedness never seemed to work properly.

Like an aged recipient of social care, this government is becoming presbyopic and is ever more reliant on bifocals in order to get through the business of the day. But it seems to have mislaid even these and now has to rely on an old pair of non-prescription blinkered try-ons it picked up from an aisle-end in Sainsbury’s. Let’s hope it finds it’s reading glasses in time for the social care Green Paper.

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One response to “Now where did I put those spectacles?”

  1. John Burton says:

    And, most likely, the green paper will be used to wrap a selection of the least care-changing ideas before being reduced to the most profitable privatising proposals and wrapped in white paper. Spectacles, however strong, won’t be any use to find any trace of radical change. As usual, it will be change for no change.

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