Online training beats the hidden costs

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|By Bob Barham| As this is being written, Regis­CTV is about to start delivery of its Foundation Training Packs based on TOPSS Standards. This will be the second in the series and links wlth the Induction Training Pack. If everything were going to plan, the first batch of Œnewly employed¹ staff who commenced work in April will have completed their Foundation Training/Course/Learning and will be ready to start their NVQ 2. These Œguinea pigs¹ deserve a medal at least along with their manager/trainers who have pioneered this major task. More than likely they will just be receiving back from the Criminal Records Bureau their Œclearance¹ to work in care! However the major issue for training at the moment is still cost. The June 14 TOPSS press release states: The national projects part of the £15m social care training fund is more than two and a half times over-subscribed. The 55 applications received by TOPSS England for the £3 million set aside for national projects total £8.2 million. The level of cla

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