Paperwork seems to be the main focus of inspections

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Caring Times, March 2014

It was with great pleasure that I read the article ‘Is a compliant home necessarily a good home?’ (CT, Feb. 2014). What a breath of fresh air. I find it increasingly frustrating that at one inspection I’m ‘compliant’ and at the next I’m not.

As a manager, I identify concerns, take necessary action, and monitor, but if on the day of inspection things are not ‘compliant’ then that’s what the report states, despite all that I am doing to put things straight. I have a great and consistent staff team who always put residents’ needs first – unfortunately in doing so they generally ‘don’t comply’ with the reams of paperwork they are expected to do to prove they are looking after our residents.

Even now, paperwork seems to be the main focus of inspections, and I am sure we were told that this new inspection process would focus on the experience of the ‘service user’. Problem is, they can’t find a fault when they ask residents and relatives. We are inspected now more than ever before – CQC, local authority compliance checks, medications management, infection control, dignity audits, the list could go on, but does it make the care we give any better?

Well, if the paperwork is anything to go by it will depend on how good a record keeper you are, not how happy the residents and staff are within the home.

– Registered Manager, Yorkshire

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