Pressure is on providers to lift standards

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Caring Times, July/August 2014

While it is far too early to predict the exact measures and outcomes the Care Act will have on social care in England, it is already evident that CQC is taking a tougher line on what it sees as being inadequate care. These tougher changes seem to be coming through already, although I cannot find anyone outside CQC who seems to know what these changes are.

Before 1st April, our records indicated CQC had an average ‘failure’ rate, that’s failing to meet one or more of their core five standards, of 28%. Through April we’ve seen this ‘failure’ rate jump to 40%. CQC is determined to drive up the quality of care and the standards within the care sector substantially.

Whatever our individual opinions, we need to recognise the powers CQC has and appreciate that its intentions are for the greater good of society. The consequences of not complying with CQC’s new agenda appear to be severe and we may see a number of care businesses suffering.

This brave new world, coupled with the media interest in care, which to date has been almost entirely negative, will necessitate care businesses to consider aspects of their work carefully, constantly explore methods of improving the care provided and demonstrate the analysis work undertaken.

– David Waters, managing director, Care Home Insurance Services

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