Sharing mealtimes is a great success

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Caring Times, June 2013

I enjoyed John Burton’s article on eating with the residents (CT, May 2013). This is a practice in our home and it is a great success in ensuring a calm, relaxing peaceful mealtime.

We have a mixture of residents; some with full capacity and some with different types of dementia. Everyone sits together for meals and the staff can discreetly assist those who require help with their meals.

Our biggest asset is the commitment of the staff who would never put their own needs before those of the residents; our shifts can be easily managed to ensure everyone has equal time off the floor if they need it but everyone enjoys their job so much that stress levels are minimum.

It almost sounds too good to be true but after 20 odd years in care and 11 of those managing, I have finally found what I believe to be the perfect care home. All our tables are nicely presented and seating only takes place shortly before meals are served. We have a printed daily menu on display and no one is ever rushed with their meal. We even have one table of four ladies who insist on having a pot of tea and plate of biscuits over a chat after they finish lunch

Our meals are varied and nutritious and we have a great record of weight maintenance depending on individual needs. If we have an enquiry about a vacant room we invite the potential resident and their family to come in and take lunch with us all so they can get a feel for how homely the place is.

The home owners are hugely supportive of our no-nonsense, residents-get-what-they-want approach and this helps things run as smoothly as they can.

– Brian Murray, manager Foxley House, Glasgow

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