Support for managers’ accreditation network

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Caring Times, September 2012

A new report from the National Skills Academy for Social Care, Everyday Excellence, shows strong support among registered managers for coming together in a cohesive network; for the creation of a recognised membership community; and for a more public, sector-wide accreditation system.

The report, part of the sector’s response to the call for greater support for registered managers in the recent White Paper, Caring for our Future, is based on the findings of a national survey commissioned by the Academy, and supported by a range of sector bodies including the English Community Care Association, the UK Homecare Association, the National Care Forum, the National Care Association, the Social Care Association and the Association of Care Managers.

1,154 responses were received – just under 10% of the number of managers registered with the Care Quality Commission. Key findings included:

  • Registered managers were genuinely passionate about their jobs and dedicated to their roles, with two-thirds seeing themselves as working in care in five years’ time, and 96% of respondents taking advantage of voluntary training and development opportunities. Around a fifth of respondents also paid for their own training.
  • Registered managers were also committed to personalisation and integration, with three-quarters arguing for greater integration between social care, health and other sectors. At the same time, 40% felt isolated and most felt that they were not always appreciated – inside our outside of the sector – for the complexity of their role. The issue of isolation is expressly acknowledged in the White Paper.
  • To take practical steps to address the issues, 68% of respondents said they would welcome the creation of an official membership body. “Being part of a professional body offers the opportunity to share practice and judge your own performance” was one response. Registered managers also wanted more opportunities for continuous professional development, with 67% supporting the creation of a national peer network, to provide the opportunity to learn from the experience of others. They identified leadership, alongside soft skills and working with commissioners, as key development issues. And more than half (56%) were interested in establishing further accreditation for registered managers.

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