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Guide to help new care home residents settle in

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Older people’s charity Independent Age has launched a free advice guide called Settling into a care home.

Lucy Harmer, director of services at Independent Age, said there were currently more than 400,000 people living in care homes in the UK, but many new residents didn’t know what to expect when they got there, or how to plan ahead for their move.

“Care homes, of course, offer a lot of support for new residents and help them settle in, and the guide is designed to complement that support and make the move smoother and less stressful,” said Ms Harmer.

“GPs and other healthcare professionals may also find it a useful support tool for patients who are about to move into a care home.”

Written with advice from care home staff, residents and family members, Settling into a care home offers advice on planning ahead to help the … Read More »

Balhousie residents have their say with launch of charter

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Caring Times, April 2017

In a first-of-its-kind move in the care home sector, Balhousie Care Group has launched a participation charter that commits to residents getting a bigger say than ever in the care they receive.

The Balhousie Participation Charter, which was launched last week to Balhousie’s 24 care home managers, states that residents must be part of events in the homes, be able to speak out about their care, be involved in writing care home policies, and have a say in recruiting staff. The charter is a culmination of Balhousie’s company-wide drive towards personalisation of care and increased participation across the group’s care homes, an initiative it calls ‘Together We’re Great’.

The charter was created by Balhousie residents and staff and inspired by National Involvement Network (NIN) and the Association for Real Change (ARC) Scotland. In a NIN report published last year, … Read More »

Families say social care services have got worse

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UK families say care services for children and older people have got worse in the last five years, but reserve their harshest criticism for care of older people, particularly homecare services, according to reviews reported to Good Care Guide.

More than 40% of reviews of homecare agencies in 2016 rated them as poor or bad for quality of service and for value for money Based on an analysis of 9,000 reviews left by families on the Good Care Guide website, the latest research shows:

In 2012, 22.7% of homecare agencies were rated poor or bad for quality of service by older people and their families. By 2016 this had almost doubled to 41.6% of homecare services getting poor or bad reviews. The percentage of reviews rating homecare agencies as poor or bad for value for money rose from 23.4% in 2012 to … Read More »

Care homes should have clear policies on pets

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The chief executive of a Shropshire not-for-profit care provider Coverage Care has welcomed a call for more residential homes to implement a pet policy to make the transition into care an easier process for older people.

David Coull says he supported the campaign by the charity Blue Cross for all care homes for elderly people to have a specific pet policy. Blue Cross says its research found that 40% of UK care homes claim to be ‘pet friendly’ but, in practice, this often isn’t clear or consistent. The charity wants care homes to be clear on where they stand regarding residents keeping their pets and the responsibility of residents living with their pet in the home.

Mr Coull said a transparent policy would make moving into care easier for people who don’t want to part with their pets.

“Moving into care is a … Read More »

It Ain’t Necessarily So – 14: Do residents have the right to do as they like in their own rooms?

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All of us should consider what we would want if and when we go to live in a care home. I don’t think I’d be an easy resident. If I was told, “There are no rules here,” I’d need to see if that was true. And if I was given a list of rules of the house, I’d want to test every one.

I like a cigar occasionally, and some good beer, whisky or rum more than occasionally. I drink pints of tea, so I’ve got to have a kettle and teapot, and a fridge for milk, ice and any little snacks I fancy. I’m a bit of a hoarder and I’m not very tidy. Although I usually keep fairly regular hours, I like to go to bed and get up late when I feel like it.

I would want … Read More »

Care Bill will show true extent of unjust practices and underfunding in residential care, says charity

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Caring Times Extra, November 2013

The new Care Bill, which is intended to make the provision of care simpler and fairer, will in fact reveal the true extent of underfunding in residential care and the unjust practices used to support it, says a new report, launched in early November by Independent Age.

The charity has calculated that residential care is currently underfunded by at least £700m a year – with councils, care homes and ultimately older people and their families filling the gap. Local authorities currently buy residential care places for the poorest pensioners at between £40 and £150 below the market rate.

Many care homes pass this onto individuals, either by asking families to ‘top-up’ the cost of their loved one’s care home places – which Independent Age calls the ‘secret subsidy’ – or by charging fee-paying residents more for the same … Read More »

Fred collects his service medals

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Caring Times, October 2013

Humble D-Day veteran receives WWII medals after 70-year wait


CLS-run care home Astbury Lodge celebrated a remarkable event recently as WWII D-Day veteran, Fred Mullis, wore his medals for the very first time – almost 70 years after the conflict ended.

An emotional Fred, now 88, was joined by family and fellow residents for a special presentation ceremony led by Lieutenant Colonel Bill Busby, Commanding Officer 156 (North West) Transport Regiment, Royal Logistic Corps. The guest of honour was also treated to a well-deserved buffet knees-up and a slice of a medal-themed cake.

Fred, originally from South East England, first volunteered for the Armed Guard two weeks before his 18th Birthday, before going on to drive ‘Duck’ vehicles, the famous, six-wheel drive amphibious DUKW trucks, all over Europe and North Africa for the Royal Army Service … Read More »

Open Day participation

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Caring Times, October 2013

Success for the first National Care Home Open Day

More than 2,500 care homes across the country collectively opened their doors to the public for the first ever National Care Home Open Day On 21st June 2013.

Run by a group of leading care providers and associations, the National Care Home Open Day aimed to connect care homes with their local communities, challenge misconceptions about residential care and show local people the excellent services that are at the heart of their community.

The open day proved to be a huge success and allowed people to see for themselves the level of care available to their loved ones. It also provided a great opportunity to invite members of local communities across the country to consider becoming a volunteer in their local care home. 

In her role as … Read More »

Summer months are most favoured for respite care

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Caring Times, June 2013

More than five times as many people accessed short-stay services in a Bupa care home in June than any other month of the year, according to a new report. 

The report, called ‘Short Stay – Long Benefit’ looked at the times of year when people are currently using Bupa care homes to give family carers a break, or for older people to use them to recuperate after illness or treatments.

It showed that the overwhelming majority of people – 68% – who selected a Bupa care home for a short stay, did so in the months of May and June.

 The report highlights that surprisingly few short-stay admissions are made to care homes during the winter months. Yet this is the period when the NHS is often under greatest stress from the effects of flu and other … Read More »

CIC celebrates 25 years

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Caring Times, May 2013

Community Integrated Care is one of the UK’s largest charities, supporting over 2500 people with learning disabilities, mental health concerns, autism and age-related needs, living across England and Scotland. It employs over 5000 staff and in 2012 had a turnover of £93 million.

 The charity was founded on 15th March 1988 by Dr David Robertson, a Halton-based GP, to support people with learning disabilities to move from institutional hospitals, where they lived with limited choice, into supported living in the community, so they could enjoy fuller, more independent lives. It was one of the true pioneers of the ‘care in the community’ agenda, championing the rights and dignity of people with care needs, working to overcome social exclusion and giving them their rightful stake in society.

 Community Integrated Care has since grown to become a national provider of care … Read More »

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