Telling it like it is

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By Caring Times editor GEOFF HODGSON

With accustomed dismay I monitored the media’s response to the Care Quality Commission’s recently published ‘State of Social Care’ report.

Unlike the media response, the report itself was neither unreasonable nor alarmist but very few people will take the trouble to read it, misguidedly relying on newspaper, TV and radio reports to render an accurate and unweighted account.

It was ever thus and there is little, it seems, that the sector can do other than grimace and bear it. But what annoys me most is that, in their never-ending pursuit of a bad news story, the national media cause a lot of unwarranted anxiety and distress to older people and their families.

Most of us perceive the news of the day through the filters of our own experience, judgment and prejudices, but the mental frailty which accompanies old age makes these filters much less effective and too much of what is reported may be taken at face value.

In this respect I think the national media needs to be a little more circumspect, and take its social responsibilities a little more seriously.

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One response to “Telling it like it is”

  1. T Stein says:

    Hear, hear! We all have to live with the fact that newspapers aren’t about social responsibility or informing the public but all about ad revenues and politics.

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