Tony Stein writes to Chancellor ahead of Autumn Budget

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Healthcare Management Solutions chief executive Tony Stein has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer ahead of his Autumn Budget, raising issues faced by the care sector and

Tony Stein

suggesting a radical solution to the long-term funding issues it faces.

In his letter Mr Stein highlighted that extra funding from local government’s social care precept and the Government’s Better Care Fund was being used to plug existing gaps in funding, rather than improving services or planning for the future, as the population ages.

Mr Stein advised the Chancellor that reducing the amount councils spend on housing-related benefits, by building more affordable housing, could free up much needed funds for social care. This would also make people better off without the planned rise in the National Minimum Wage, which many businesses, in many sectors, will struggle to pay.

“The Government needs to understand that by creating the conditions that would allow developers to build genuinely affordable houses, in the region of £100,000 or just under 3.6 times the median annual income, the Autumn Budget could substantially and sustainably cut the expenditure of local authorities on housing benefit,” said Mr Stein in his letter.

“The money saved by councils could then be used to drive up standards of care in the immediate term and invest in future capacity.

“In addition, individuals would have more disposable income without an increase in National Minimum Wage, taking further pressure off an already creaking care system.”

Healthcare Management Solutions provides care home operators, owners, banks, financiers and insolvency practitioners with management, support, monitoring, business review and quality audit for the assets they are involved with in the care home sector.

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