Wales needs more care homes

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Care Forum Wales chairman Mario Kreft says there’s an urgent need to build more new care homes in Wales to cater

Mario Kreft

for the boom in the over 85 population.

Mr Kreft says, however, that the number of care homes is declining instead of going up. He voiced the warning after a new report, A Place to Call Home: Impact & Analysis, by Older People’s Commissioner Sarah Rochira highlighted the lack of care home capacity in Wales. It follows on from a recent Parliamentary Review which contained a similar concern.

In her report, Ms Rochira said the Welsh Government had failed to take the action it promised in a number of key areas to drive up the quality of life of older people living in care homes. Mr Kreft said care homes were closing right across Wales because it is not financially viable to keep them open.

“I think Sarah Rochira’s report is a real wake up call,” said Mr Kreft.

“It shows that we really do need to look at the leadership here in Wales of how we can develop a climate and culture where people want to invest and take the risk and actually build these much needed facilities.

“It is very, very clear that after two decades of people, in local government particularly, saying ‘we don’t want new care homes’, we’ve now had the Parliamentary Review and the Commissioner for Older People saying they’re desperately needed as we’re losing them faster than we’re building them.

“We’ve got to look at what these very influential reports have said about capacity, about workforce planning, about sustainability and we’ve got to change the culture. We’ve got to celebrate the independent sector and encourage people to invest.”

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